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LA while pregnant and with kids - a 4 Day itinerary

LA while pregnant and with kids - a 4 Day itinerary

Full disclosure - I am not a city person and there are many other cities that I would choose to visit before LA.  Furthermore, I was 7 months pregnant during this trip which means no alcohol and no energy for nightlife activities.  But I had a family wedding to go to and I was certainly going to make the most of it.

Day 1 - The Broad

We had a very early flight and got in around lunch time.  We had gotten an AirBnB for eight from our family.  It was located in West Hollywood and after checking in we ate at Urban Ramen which was walking distance from our place.  

Urban Ramen - Hollywood

Everyone really enjoyed it, but I personally prefer the Jinya chain which I can get at home but is also in LA.  After lunch we went to The Broad which is a contemporary art museum.  

Really cool architecture at the Broad.

Really cool architecture at the Broad.

I was really glad that I had gotten tickets beforehand as it was super crowded.  We were, however, unsuccessful at getting tickets to the very popular infinity mirror room.  If you want to see this, I recommend getting there right when they open.  You may still have to return later in the day once you have your ticket.  The Broad was still a cool experience though.  All the artwork is so fun and quirky that even my 7 and 9 year old nieces got a kick out of it.  

The Broad Plates - Los Angeles
The Broad - Giant Chairs - Los Angeles

They had a great courtyard for handstand and cartwheel practice too.

The Broad - Los Angeles

Afterwards, we walked to Grand Central Market to get some ice cream.  It was a really cool food court with lots of fun options.  I settled on the liquid Gold Popsicle by Press Brothers Juicery.  It was pineapple and mint flavored and quite refreshing for a tired pregnant lady.

Nothing better than a popsicle when pregnant in July.  

Nothing better than a popsicle when pregnant in July.  

We then met up with the wedding party for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner which was held at the Belmont.  I got the Wild Baby Arugula Salad which was pretty forgettable.  But to be fair, by this time I had been up for way too long and could really only think of going to sleep.

Day 2 - Hollywood and the Getty

This was wedding day.  We did however have the whole morning to hang out, so we walked over to the Hollywood walk of fame and explored that area.  It's of course super touristy, but yes I checked that box and saw the Hollywood sign too.  

Hollywood Walk with kids - Los Angeles

Since you may be reading this looking for recommendations of things to do in LA and you won't be going to my brother-in- laws wedding, let me recommend The Getty.  I went to this art museum on another trip to LA, and it was an experience that really stuck with me.  The architecture is phenomenal; the gardens are astounding; and there is of course art as well. They own work by Monet and Van Gogh, but still the gardens and architecture is what left the biggest impression on me.  

We, however, were celebrating love which was beautiful and a lot of fun.  

Day 3 - Melrose Trading Post, Hamburger Mary's, and the Griffith Observatory

As this was Sunday, we started the day with a visit to the Melrose Trading Post which is a giant flea market.  I got some really fly sunglasses and almost bought some fun air plants and taxidermied beatles riding bikes.  I decided both would be challenging to bring back on the plane, and reason prevailed.  They had a really nice spot to enjoy a coffee over some live music too.  

Around 11 AM we headed over to Hamburger Mary's for some food and entertainment (note without kids - this is not a kid-friendly experience).  They do a drag brunch among many other drag themed events.  As with any good drag brunch, the food was forgettable and the entertainment was outrageous.  This was the first drag brunch I had been to with a lady in drag - a woman dressed as a man.  She was the emcee and she was hilarious.  The other acts were all great too.  Please excuse any improper pronoun usage there. 

We caught up with Jimmy's parents at the AirBnB and headed up to the Griffith Observatory.  It was really busy and so we had to park rather far away, but it was a really pretty walk and the views from the top were totally worth it.

Note the sunglasses that I got at the flea market earlier in the day.

Note the sunglasses that I got at the flea market earlier in the day.

We happened to walk in right before a planetarium show was about to begin and there was a guy outside trying to unload his tickets.  So we jumped on that opportunity and sat back and enjoyed the northern lights in the Light of the Valkyries.  Afterwards we roamed through the exhibits and looked in some of the telescopes outside to find Jupiter.  While we didn't take this kids to the observatory, I know they would have loved it.  

When I visited the Food Innovation Center in Portland, they had mentioned working with the Salt and Straw Ice Cream Shop.  I never got a chance to go to the original one in Portland, so when I saw that there was one not far from where we were staying, I had to visit.  They are known for their unique flavors and I settled on the Meyer Lemon Buttermilk which was delicious.  I was pleased that they had a dairy-free option for Jimmy too.  Their shop is in a super cute part of town so we just wandered around for a little while afterwards.  

We finished out the night with some family time at the AirBnB.

Day 4 - Muscle Beach and Hollywood Homes Tour

This happened to be July 4th and the Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Beach Competition.  We went with the whole family and it was definitely a unique experience for everyone.  Each class was a fun mix of really serious body builders with a sprinkling of amateurs and a whole lot of spray tan.  We sat next to some people that seemed to have an idea what the judges were looking for.  Apparently it's all in the back.  In my day job, I often am organizing and attending livestock shows, and so it was really interesting to me to see the parallels between the two

Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Beach Competition - Los Angeles

After the competition we played a bit on the Muscle Beach "playground" equipment and then strolled around Venice Beach.  I remembered really liking Venice Beach when I visited as a teenager and it still is probably my favorite part of LA.  

Muscle Beach - Los Angeles

We met up with Jimmy's brother and new wife for lunch at Komodo in Venice.  It's an asian fusion place which seems like something that you should eat when in LA.  It was okay, but I don't think I ordered very well. 

My sister-in-law ordered much better

My sister-in-law ordered much better

My other brother-in-law was really set on going on a Hollywood homes tour, so that's what we did in the afternoon.  We drove around for about an hour and saw lots of fancy homes, but I'm pretty sure our tour guide was making up about 50% of what he said.  He was really butchering the stars names too, but to be fair we did absolutely no research before jumping on the first stars tour we saw.  I tried my best, but could not rally the troops to go out for the fourth of July.  So Jimmy and I just wandered around our neighborhood to watch whatever fireworks we could.  


Lodging - $463.  This was for one bedroom in a three bedroom AirBnB.  

Flights - $377.  We got one flight for free with miles.  

Transportation - $175.  LA has the worst public transportation, so this includes a rental car, gas, and parking.

Food - $160.  Our AirBnB had breakfast things, and we of course didn't pay for food during the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

Activities - $50.  Everything but the Hollywood homes tour was free.  It's free to get into the Getty, but parking costs $15.  

Total = $1225.  This covered Jimmy and me.  So $106/day/person when you don't factor in the flight.  

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