Hello! I am Lenah, a full-time working mama with limited vacation days and an ever-growing bucket list of travel destinations.  I have fairly firm roots on our Virginia farm where I live with my husband Jimmy, son Lewis, daughter Petra, and Jimmy’s parents. We built two houses on our farm with our own hands which means that we now have much less mortgage and more money for travel!  

I’ve been taking advantage of travel opportunities for the past 20 years and have managed to experience a lot of awesome the world has to offer.  Natural beauty, hiking, and small towns are generally my jam.  I categorize myself as a budget traveler, but when the kids came I gave up hostels and camping for the most part.  I like to research a destination thoroughly and have a detailed list of options that allows us to maximize our time while taking in the most unique experiences a place has to offer.  Planning for a trip is almost as fun for me as the trip itself, so I started a travel blog for others that share my travel style. 

My Travel Style

An abridged list of my favorite travel activities

  • Maximize time in nature and minimize time in cities. Cities for me are a place to fly into generally. I like to enjoy a good meal and see a unique site or two, but generally I'm itching to see the natural beauties an area has to offer. Lots of gorgeous hiking next to a cute small town is my ideal.

  • Experience all the horticultural things - wildflowers, trees, and all the lovely smelling things.

  • Eat all the local fruits and veggies. I legitimately love vegetables and all their preparations throughout the world. My restaurant recommendations are generally places where you can get huge fancy salads.

  • Find the best dessert. I highly recommend a balance of nutritious eating and sweet tooth indulgences.

  • Take amazing jumping photos. Nothing says I’m having the time of my life better than a good jumping shot in front of something awesome. Throw a cute baby in the photo and you have family photos to hang in your home that will make all your house guests jealous of your awesome times and adorable baby.

  • Encourage my husband to jump in the water that no one else is jumping in.

  • Tear up a dance floor.

  • Wear a matching outfit with my travel partners.

  • Go to the places that everyone else goes, but get off the beaten path too. Touristy places are generally popular for good reason. I have no shame in seeing some amazing things with other adventurers.


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